Sizing Chart



Bodice width is determined by chest measurement. To get an accurate chest measurement, measure the subject around the nipple line with their arms down at their side. This measurement should be neither tight nor loose. Bodice length is determined by height.


Skirts and other bottom widths will be determined by waist or hip measurement. Waist measurement is taken at the natural waist and hip measurement is taken around the fullest part of the buttocks with feet together and both feet flat. The length is determined by height.

The length of the romper is determined by trunk. To measure trunk length (no nappy/diaper) measure the circumference taken from a point on the right shoulder midway between the neck base and shoulder joint, down the back, through the crotch, and up over the prominence of the right chest back to the starting point. If this measurement is taken with a diaper, on it will not fit properly.


Download our free measurement chart to keep a record of your child's measurements.

The following size chart is the guide we use with our patterns.  Australian Childrens Clothes Sizing are based on their age. 

Measure your child against the chart below.  If you have trouble deciding on the size your child is, they may be between sizes, please feel free to email us to help you.  Most of the time it is best to size up so your child gets plenty of wear.

0000- NB
000 - 0-3m
00  - 3-6m
0 - 6-12m
1 - 12-18 months-18-24 months or 1-2 yrs
2 - 2-3 yrs
3 - 3-4 yrs
4 - 4-5 yrs
5 - 5-6 yrs
6 - 6-7 yrs

Sizing Chart